Posted on: May 22, 2009 7:00 pm

early uluk prediction plus what wall and this cal

93 to 80 uk
pp domintaes meeks is pur had 23 and wall has 17-5-and 8
orton and cousens combine for 25 and 18boards
dodson and miller combine for 23
bledsoe gets about 6 and 4
we win

now what coach cal means to us he is in his prime a salesmen and a the best recruiter by far we will be stocked everyyear
 we will win 30 a year and win 3 titles b4 he leaves if not more... and he will retire here in 15 years after 7 final 4s at least

this class means alot because they surrond meeks and pp with talent.they dont have to carry the team
pp has 3 guys to battle with him pilgram meac freshman of the year orton if hewalthy mcyd all american and cousens and steveonson is a shot blocking force helping us to 3rd in the nation.
wall will get the tempo up and bleddsoe he will hit miller and hood and dodson on the wwings and meeks will be able to sit at the 3 point line and hit 60% breaking an acuary record avg 22 pg 6 3s a agame we are gonna be 15 deep cause 2 will walk on josh and one more so that means they can all play...
Posted on: May 16, 2009 10:51 pm

As many know my father died 1-29-09

I miss my dad soooooo much it hurts the last game we watched was urggggg but oh well at least it was exciting we got a kick out of it.   too bad it was an L oh well dad will be looking down when we hang #8 soon.. miss ya dad 7-7-47m 1-29-09
everyone hug   your dad as much as you can.. id do anything for more more second with him..i feel lost i miss him     and im crushed..when he died i watched him wither away in one month ..he went in 12-29-09 and I didn't see him eat for a month he drank a couple milks lkike they were the best thing hed ever tasted and it hurt meat no nothing no feeding tube no fluids...he died at hospice stoped tal;king a week after the uk-ul game last words out of the blue I love you to me in a faint voice thank god               for thst   for that...he headnt spoke in 2 weeks and 3 days b4 he died he said that..thank you dad where ever yopun are..
I was gettoing can drinks and he died and my older brother yelled 4 me I ran when I got in the room he gasped 4 more breathes and then died again..
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Posted on: May 7, 2009 9:12 pm

GLADTO BE BACK... read me

he died with blood ozzing out for 3 hours it hurt me..the last game we watched wasukvsul 1-4 -09 he cheered barely he was so sick with cancer after that didnt talk much happy we have coach cal i see 30 ws a season easy..glad we got bledsoeand hope we get wall..with the new offense I thing kg aand liggons could run the show..billy held them back..
i see meeks with all the new firepower around him spotting up avg 26 easy if not more depending on how much he shoots and pp with orton pilgram and cousens having 24and 14 easy...I wanna speak on miller he is set to break out and get 14-5and5 like a twill...he gonna be intersted in seeing hood... comments??
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Posted on: April 16, 2009 4:33 pm
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